Sunday, April 21, 2013

A sneak peek of the next book by Kate Nash!!!! Servant!

Kate Nash
All rights reserved
Copyright © 2013 by Kate Nash

            Kneeling before the throne of the Almighty, Obadiah took in the scene around him. Firelight flickered across the room from the lamps surrounding the throne; casting a steady glow around the entire space. Closing his eyes, he listened intently to the voices of the Seraphim flying overhead. As they circled the entire room they cried out praises to the one true God and His Son; who was seated at His right hand. Thunder and lightning rang out from the throne pulling Obadiah’s attention to the Almighty. He blinked swiftly before openly staring at the vision of God seated on his throne. Rainbows bursting with light surrounded the Lord’s face, adding a brilliance of color to the entire room.
Obadiah’s closest friends and brothers in Christ kneeled directly beside him. He quickly glanced towards them, noticing the expressions of awe and wonder that were splayed across their faces. The heavy bronzed doors in the back of the room groaned as they opened; admitting dozens of other men. Immediately, as one, the group bent their knees while bowing their heads. Taking a deep breath Obadiah let his eyes scan the room around him as he waited for an explanation of why he had been called to this holy place.

More sneak peeks coming soon! Look for Servant as an e-book this Summer!!!!!

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