Extraordinary Love Series

And my Beloved is Mine is the first in the Extraordinary Love Series!

Logan was raised to be a good man. He was raised to serve others. He was raised as a believer. He has plans. Plans to return to the mission field after graduation. Plans to follow in his parents' footsteps. Plans that don't include a brown eyed girl from a small town.

Kaycee learned a long time ago to keep her head down and just go with the flow. Her parents are detached and her friends are fake. She has plans. Plans to get away and go to Art School in New York. Plans that don't include a blue eyed boy. 

Neither of them planned for each other, but both of them will have to decide whether their love is worth changing all of their plans.

Where you go I go
book 2 in the Extraordinary Love Series

Eli's past is ugly and filled with regrets. He uses his piercings and tattoos to keep people out. He learned a long time ago that letting people in was too dangerous, it only led to heartache and pain. He has his life, he's not looking for anyone or anything. 

Rachel's past is filled with love and family. She's different than other people her age and has always felt like an outsider looking in. She's looking for the kind of love that has surrounded her, her whole life. 

Their pasts couldn't be more different, but their futures are destined to intertwine. Will they survive all the obstacles that life throws at them? Will they fight for their own extraordinary love?

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