Coming Soon!

Currently in the works for this year are:

Serpent (Book 2 in the Deacon Trilogy)
---Due to be released Summer 2015

In Whom my Soul Delights (Book 3 in the Extraordinary Love Series)
--This is Emma and Levi's story. I was positive that the next book would be Judah's (seeing as he came out of the blue and demanded his story be written!)  But Emma put up a good argument about needing her own love story, and I couldn't help but agree!
--Due to be released Winter 14'

Love is... (Book 4 in the Extraordinary Love Series)
--Judah's story
--Due to be released 2015

There are a few other books I'm currently working on but I don't have anything concrete on them just yet. My hope is that a stand alone book that has been placed on my heart to write will be released (you guessed it) Spring/Summer 2015'.

Stay tuned for cover reveals and starting in November I will be filling my blog with lots of Teaser Tuesdays.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!


  1. So when book 3 of the extaordinary love series coming out?? I'm dying to read it it said late summmer of 2014. Its almost fall how much longer?

  2. I am still working on the editing process of the third book and hoping that it will be out Winter of this year. I promise to get it out ASAP. Having a child has really put my life in a tailspin! But I'm so thankful that you've read my work, and you love the Williams' as much as I do!